INDICATION : Fluid and electrolytes supplement.

ADMINISTRATION : IV infusion 500-1000ml daily. Dosage

depends on the situation of the patients.

SUPPLY : Infusion solution 500ml/bot

    Each 100ml contains:

Dextrose                         5gm= 270mEq

Sodium chloride            0.09gm= 15.4mEq

Potassium chloride        119 mg= 16 mEq

Calcium chloride            36.8mg= 3.31 mEq

Magnesium chloride     30.5mg= 3.2mEq

Sodium lactate              134mg= 12mEq

Sodium acetate             163mg= 19mEq

(Na+ 40mEq/L, K+ 15 mEq/L, Ca++ 5 mEq/L,

Mg++ 3 mEq/L, Cl- 40 mEq/L, HCO3- 24mEq/L)

BAR CODE : 11387I


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